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“The important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete”

-Pierre de Coubertin, The Olympian (1984) by Peter L. Dixon

In the past decade, the world of sports has transformed like a butterfly. On the fairer side this transformation has brought a more robust framework for Administration, Regulation and Organization of modern sports. Among all these positives, what remains a matter of concern for agencies around the world are the darker aspects of this unhinged transformation which includes but is not limited to issues of Doping, Inequality, Corruption, Mismanagement and Erroneous Decision Making. Within a system of such dis-balance agencies and nations across the globe have become more reliant on specific set of laws, policy guidance and good governance. These overhauling changes in the vision of the stakeholders has surely brought a more positive outlook for the sports and is a step towards a better future but with a plethora of laws and policy provisions comes the evil of burgeoning litigation which is quite evident from the fact that each passing day newer and newer issues are being brought up and discussed in domestic courts all over the world. Even the Court of Arbitration for Sport, the highest tribunal for resolving disputes in sports is no exception to this rising phenomenon. Keeping all such material findings in light, it has become quite imperative for the Academia to come up with modern legal scholarship and develop it further in order to contribute and provide reasoned solutions to the spate of questions that have crept up in recent times. We at JSLPG are trying to lend our support in building a global initiative for research and development in Sports Laws, Policy and Governance wherein we seek to play a small but efficient role in resolving these issues through conclusive analysis, planned strategy and project development.


The JSLPG (Journal of Sports Law, Policy and Governance) will be a peer reviewed open-access journal published under the aegis of North-East Students for the Furtherance of International Law (NESFIL), (an International Law Students Association (ILSA) local chapter) in collaboration with the National Law University and Judicial Academy Assam. The JSLPG will be published bi-annually (May and December) in the niche area of International Sports Law, Policy and Governance. The JSLPG would be the first and the only journal in India of its type to encourage the study of Sports Law in the light of Policy, Governance and other allied issues.

Manuscripts are invited from practitioners, academicians, students and other stakeholders in the similar area of study. The Journal will maintain an august Editorial Panel of International Sports Law experts. The Journal aims to highlight the critical issues affecting the formulation, regulation and implementation of the law and policy affecting the sports in present times. The JSLPG will focus on contemporary issues relating to sports law with a comparative approach but quality research work on any significant issue concerning the aspect of sports law and policy would be welcomed.

The editorial board will also organize several events to promote interest and scholarship in the field of Sports law in addition to the publication of this journal. This would include colloquiums, an annual essay competition and a quiz series. We are an equitable and gender-neutral organization. In line with the organization’s traditional policy of promoting gender equality, female academics and/or practitioners are particularly encouraged to send their proposals.


As an organization, ILSA and NESFIL as its chapter aim at promoting awareness and understanding of international law and other related issues among the student community all over the world. And the same goal is expected to be reached via the means of various activities, such as academic conferences, publications, blogs, and the administration of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.
Through the means of such interactive activities the NESFIL chapter as an independent and as well as being a member of the larger picture, i.e. ILSA (International Law Students Association), aims at educating the students and lawyers around the world in the principles and purposes of international law, international organizations and institutions, and comparative legal systems.
At NESFIL, with the specific and focused aim of working in promoting the awareness regarding the principles of International Law in the North-East Region, the team members and the chapter as a student entity, with time, would incorporate newer means and methods so as to organize newer activities and events, which aid us in achieving our goals.


To educate students and lawyers around the Northeast Region in the principles and purposes of international law, international organizations and institutions, and comparative legal systems, through activities that include academic conferences, the publication of books, magazines, and other academic resources, the global coordination of student chapter organizations, and the administration of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition
To encourage communication among students and lawyers from different parts of the North-east Region in an effort to promote international understanding and cooperation in general, and the advancement of legal education in particular
To contribute to legal education, to foster mutual understanding, and to promote social responsibility of students and lawyers
To provide opportunities for law students and lawyers to learn about other cultures and legal systems in a spirit of critical dialogue and international cooperation;
To assist law students and lawyers to be internationally-minded and professionally skilled
To assist in and encourage the development of international career resources and opportunities for internationally-minded students and lawyers
To engage in other activities related to the development and promotion of international law, study, and practice generally.


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