Draft, negotiate and review instruments necessary for Projects (e.g. – Request for Proposals, Term Sheets, Memorandum of Understanding, Confidentiality Agreements, Joint Venture Agreement, Shareholders’ Agreement, Service Contracts, various Undertakings etc.);

Undertake legal due diligence of any party with whom organization may consider establishing any kind of business relation;

Understand and demonstrate rights and liabilities (including risk assessment) of the organization from a legal and holistic perspective at every stage of the Project. This needs the candidate to be regularly updated with the changes taking place in both national and international laws;

Analyze every instrument with an eye towards reducing costs and increasing profits, while ensuring compliance with applicable laws;

Prepare and manage databases with details of time bound instruments which may need regular review, updating, amendments or termination;

Regularly follow-up with underperforming contractors to find suitable solutions for the organization e.g. – invocation of bank guarantees, imposing liquidated damages or termination of contract, as and when necessary;

Prepare template and guidelines for non-legal stakeholders in the organization for better understanding of documents and reduction of time loss in multiple communications;

Get familiar with the existing accounting procedures of the organization in order to formulate appropriate terms in the instruments.

Additional Information:

The recruit shall be required to execute Service Agreement of Rs. 1,00,000/- to serve the Company for a period of 3 years.

Eligibility Criteria/ Skills Required:

Education Qualification


Full-time 5 years integrated course in Law, preferably from a National Law University.


Additional qualification of Company Secretary will have an added advantage.


Minimum 3 years of relevant post-qualification experience


Not more than 30 years as on 09/08/2017.

Age and experience may be relaxed for exceptionally good candidates.



Specialization in laws of contract and corporate laws;

Excellent communication skills (oral as well as written);

Cost consciousness;

Keen attention to detail, with an ability to spot errors;

Strong analytical skills;

Ability to work with varying seniority levels, including staff, managers and external partners;

Knowledge of arbitration act, rules and procedures;

Exposure to cases pertaining to violation in implementation of contractual terms.

How to Apply?:

Apply directly on recruiter's website.

About Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

GSFC was incorporated in 1962 and its plants went into production of fertilizers in 1967. In its very first decade of existence, GSFC became known for its path-breaking achievements, to name a few, it was the first industrial complex in the country set up in joint sector, first company to set up fertilizer plants within a short span of two years of getting requisite approvals, it was the first industrial project to secure direct and active equity participation of farmers, the first fertilizer unit to get assistance from IDBI's Assistance Fund, and the first Company to adopt the Steam Naphtha Reforming process for manufacture of Ammonia.

GSFC has set up the first DAP fertilizer complex in India at Sikka, Jamnagar on the west coast of Gujarat. Its technical edge as well as engineering resources acquired during its very first decade have been catalysts in providing impetus to its expansion and diversification strategies spread over the next four decades.