INTUERI CONSULTING LLP provides research-led, cutting-edge insights to business value ecosystems amidst ever changing economic, socio-political, legal and business transactional environments.

Eligibility Criteria/ Skills Required:

We CORRELATE seemingly disjoint events, indicators, and alerts and use numerous statistical and quantitative methods and tools, simulations and models to determine their impact, likelihood, cause, and effect.

How to Apply?:

We COLLECT structured and unstructured data on economic indicators, market trends and policy reforms surrounding geopolitical events, global macroeconomic shifts, demographic changes, and trade shifts, ANALYSE their authenticity and relevance, post-normalizing the asymmetries arising from cross-referenced views to BUILD an INFORMATION STOREHOUSE


We uncover, analyse and configure plausible recommendations influencing cross-national value ecosystems.We mine syndicated data on socio-political and macro-economic changes, analyse patterns and sends early signals and warnings to management and promoters on business opportunities and risks.