Job Responsibilities – 

1. Reviewing the contracts.
2. Extracting the metadata terms from contracts.
3. Redlining the counterparty paper.
4. Creation of Negotiation Playbooks.
5. Reviewing the counterparty redlines.
6. Processing of Contracts via CLM system.
7. Preparing/Standardizing Clause Libraries and templates.
8. Summarization of opinions/contracts in specific legal areas.
9. Take responsibility of overall quality of the work-product.
10. Contribute to the effectiveness of the team by reflecting on own and team activities and making suggestions on ways to improve and enhance the teams performance.
11. Alert other team members to issues of quality and risk.
12. Assess own performance and take accountability for own actions.
13. Handle the client communicationeffectively.
14. Communicate effectively with other team members.

Skills Required –

Strong attention to detail and good analytical and organizational skills.
Should have excellent command over the English Language both in Written and Oral Communication.
Should be proficient with computers and computer applications (e.g. Excel, Word, and Power Point).

About Sumati Legal Service Private Limited

It is an integrated IT Enabled Services company focused on the Legal, Compliance & Information Management (LCIM) marketplace. Our services Enable Lawyers to Practice Law by identifying components of legal business processes that can be OptiSourced to an offshore location and executing these processes using people, processes and tools/technology specifically designed for business processes that require the balancing of risk, cost and cycle time. Our services include (but are not limited to) Enterprise Contract Management, Intellectual Property Lifecycle Management and Electronic Discovery/Information Governance. We also provide strategy consulting services that support due diligence in LCIM M&A transactions.